Razor Shark Slot

Razor Shark slot uses the bounty of the sea to win prizes with a five reel game, powered by Push Gaming, that utilizes 20 fixed paylines. It is up to you to find all the hidden treasures that are concealed deep within Davy Jones’ Locker. The potential for treasure is endless, but be careful because so are the dangers. Race through obstacles to look for treasure and stay away from the Sharks!

Slot Wagers and Spins

The Razor Shark slot draws player attention to their wager with an arrow that players click to gain access to their wagers. Play begins once you select your wager from the menu. The control the game gives extends past the in depth wagers players can place and allows them access to an auto-play feature. The feature removes the manual necessity to select a wager and spin each round. Just select the amount of plays you would like automated and keep your wager as you play.

Slot Strategy

How do you clear the path forward to your treasure? In a word, Sea-Mines. Landing three Sea-Mines triggers a free spin round and access to the ability to win more spins, and the Mystery Stacks.

During these rounds, each Sea-Mine will give you one more spin and move the Mystery Stacks by one reel. The 2nd and 4th reel are where players can find their Mystery Stacks during the free spin round.

All wins get a larger multiplier during this round, beginning at 1X. Each time the Mystery Stack is moved and with each Reveal the multiplier will climb upwards. This round will end once all Mystery Stacks are revealed.

Mystery Stacks are in groups of 4. They are able to land anywhere on the reel and when they appear on the reel, they get Nudged and Revealed. Reveals have two possible values, a payout symbol or a Golden Shark. Golden Sharks lead to the Razor Reveal.

Secrets of the Razor Reveal

The Razor Reveal is the big money round. Each Mystery Stack will spin and you can win additional Sea-Mines, bigger multipliers, or more coins. The Razor Reveal is the secret to winning big in the Razor Shark slot. Take control of your wagers and explore the open ocean to find treasures that were thought to be long lost. Try the Razor Shark slot for free or place your bets and take your chances beneath the waves.

Razor Shark casino

What comes to mind when you hear the word casino? For some it’s the Animal’s “House of the Rising Sun ” in the background as the mob cleans house in a Scorsese classic. For many it bring s up images of Clooney and Sinatra and the infamous Danny Ocean. For Push Gaming, it brings up visions of real oceans. Razor Shark is an online casino game where you can win real money that you rescue from the briny deep.

Bets and Spins

Push Gaming’s Razor Shark brings the casino to you. No fuss, no mess, just real casino experiences from wherever you want to play. In this ocean-based adventure slot, you try to overcome obstacles to liberate long lost treasures from the currents and depths. There’s no reason to fear though. Unlike other casino games you can play, Razor Shark is very easy to learn. There are five reels and twenty paylines, you simply set your wager preferences by following an arrow, and there’s an auto-play feature that enables wait-free gaming!

Slot Gameplay

If you’ve found yourself in a casino next to the slots, you probably know what a Scatter symbol is. In Razor Shark, these are menacing looking Sea-Mines. Don’t worry, they are here to help! Landing three of these mines will trigger a free spin.

Your free spin gives you a look at the evasive Mystery Stacks. The Mystery Stacks hold unique rewards that any half-decent adventurer could get their hands on. Just check the 2nd and 4th rows to see if you have these special symbols. Once you do, another Scatter symbol will nudge and reveal what is behind these secretive stacks.

When you dive, it is a necessity that you don’t rise too fast. The same is true here. Nobody ever went to a casino and hit a jackpot on their first coin. Be patient! Sure, your baseline 1X multiplier isn’t the largest, but all good things come to those who wait.

You remove the Mystery Stacks by nudging and revealing them. Once they’re all gone, the round is over. The secrets behind the Mystery Stacks are as profitable and plentiful as the secrets Poseidon himself holds. What are these secrets? Bonus coins and the legendary Golden Shark.

Razor Reveal

The treasures of the sea are limitless, but none are as valuable as the Golden Shark. Finding this triggers the ever elusive Razor Reveal. All the Mystery Stacks are spun to reveal extra Scatter symbols, coin payouts, or an increased modifier. Don’t go to the casino, have the casino brought to you!

Razor Shark spin: an Overview

Razor Shark is an Ocean inspired slot machine game that has five reels and twenty fixed paylines. Push Gaming’s marine money-maker has players search for sunken treasure with every spin. Razor Shark is a delicate balance between risk and reward and life and death. Get the treasure, but be careful of the sharks in the water. Keep ahead of the sharks and get through the maze to win.

Razor Shark Spins Possibilities

With every spin, your diver is made aware of the many betting options that Razor Shark has to offer. To start the round, just select your wager from the menu that is indicated by the arrow.

Once you have chosen your wager from the menu, it’s time to spin. If you want to be relieved of the task of activating each spin, just interact with the auto-play feature. With auto-play, you don’t need to manage each and every spin.

Just select a number for plays and your wager, and watch the excitement unfold.

The question that all gamblers ask comes to mind. “How do I win big?” Spin to win! Landing three Sea-Mine, or Scatter, symbols results in the free spin round where you gain access to the Mystery Stack, Nudge, Reveal, and Razor Reveal mechanics.

While using your free spins, landing another Scatter symbol will net an additional spin and Nudge the Mystery Stacks by one space. Your focus should be on the 2nd and 4th reels. These reels are where players can find the Mystery Stacks during their free spin rounds.

The secret to win during your free spins is increasing your multiplier. The baseline is 1X. Each Mystery Stack that is nudged and revealed increases your multiplier and the round only ends when there are no more Mystery Stacks on the reels.

Each group of 4 Mystery Stacks have the ability to land anywhere and when they do, they are nudged and revealed. You can get either a payout symbol or the Golden Shark symbol. When you get the Golden Shark you activate the Razor Reveal.

Razor Reveal Spins

Here is where you win big. Every Mystery Stack spins, giving you a chase to win more Scatter symbols, higher multipliers, or bonus coins. Take control of your wagers and explore the open ocean to find treasures that were thought to be long lost. Try the Razor Shark slot for free or place your bets and take your chances beneath the waves.