Razor Shark Free

It’s the modern age of the internet, so we’re all used to people shoving free trials in our faces. It’s still a headache though. You have to set up a credit card and remember to cancel it in 7, 14, or 30 days. Push Gaming’s Razor Shark won’t do that to you! Play it for free! That’s right, absolutely free. Who knows, once you do, you may want to put a little money on the line to make it interesting.

Practice Wager Strategy for Free

Razor Shark’s free mode gives you valuable insight into how the game works. You still get the same experience, features, and sense of adventure without spending a dime. You need to know a few things before you get started, but it’s a very easy game to pick up and understand. There’s an arrow that prompts you toward the menu that you can control your wagers and the auto-play feature. Once you familiarize yourself with that, you’re on your way to a great adventure below sea level.

Free Version Gameplay

Find your stride and rhythm for free as you acquaint yourself with the various mechanics and symbols in the game. Scatter symbols are represented by Sea-Mines. Getting three of these triggers a free spin round and gives you access to the Mystery Stacks, the big winner stacks of Razor Shark.

Mystery Stacks are always found on the 4th and 2nd rows in groups of four. Your free spin can lead to massive wins by the nudge and reveal mechanic. How do you do this? Simple, just land a Scatter symbol when you have access to Mystery Stacks.

Your baseline multiplier is a humble 1X in the beginning, but it will grow. As you nudge and reveal your Mystery Stacks, you have a chance at fantastic bonuses that will adjust your body to the pressure found beneath the sea.

Nudging and revealing all of your Mystery Stacks signifies the end of the round. These symbols hide one of two rewards. The first is a payout symbol. An exciting thing for sure, but when compared to the Golden Shark, it seems like a little fish in a big pond.

Adrenaline in the Razor Reveal

The Golden Shark brings the Razor Reveal mechanic. This is when things get interesting. The biggest rewards and bonuses are found when this mechanic is set free. You have the chance to increase your multiplier, receive bonus Scatter symbols, and big bonus coin rewards. Try Razor Shark for free today!

Razor Shark Online

Why bother going out if you can stay in, right? It saves you time, energy, and money of course. The challenge many face is that there are just certain things you have to go out for. Fortunately, thanks to Push Gaming’s Razor Shark online slot game, you won’t have to leave the house to win big!

Online Winnings in Real Life Bankrolls

There’s no need to bother yourself with lines, space, smoke, and coughing people when you play Razor Shark online. You bank online, date online, work online, and wouldn’t it just make sense to play slots online? Razor Shark is an action-packed and easily learned slot game. There are five reels and 20 fixed paylines that give all the chance in the world to find sunken treasures. Of course, no treasure comes without its risks. Stay ahead of the sharks or your treasure hunting career will come back to bite you.

Simply follow the arrow on the screen to the wager menu and tune the settings to your preferences. If you don’t want to press spin every time, you can enable the auto-play feature!

Online Slot Walkthrough

Razor Shark is even easier to pick up if you’ve ever played any other online slot games in the past. The Scatter symbol is a Sea-Mine. Landing on three of these gives you a free spin and access to Mystery Stacks, where the real treasure lies.

You’ll know you’ve got Mystery Stacks because they will always be on row number two and row number four. You can nudge them over and reveal them by landing Scatter symbols.

Growing your multiplier helps you earn, but there’s no reason to worry about that until you nudge and reveal your mystery stacks. Patience is not only a virtue, but an essential part. The base multiplier of Razor Shark is 1X, but all things change.

Mystery Stacks, once all are nudged and revealed, will end the round. Mystery Stacks aren’t like the other symbols in the game. Sure they hide more coins, so what makes them so special? The answer is the Golden Shark. Revealing the Golden Shark triggers the Razor Reveal. The big money round.

Razor Reveal: Online

Of all the mechanics in the Razor Shark online slot machine, Razor Reveal is the top billing. You have a chance for bonus coin rewards, extra Scatter symbols, and even multiplier increases. Go online and try Razor Shark if you aren’t afraid of a little water.