Razor Shark Demo

What is the best part of Sea World? The Dolphin Show of course! The demo shows the intelligence of the animals found in our oceans. Push Gaming’s Razor Shark’s demo is just as exciting. Try the demo and see what happens, you may find that you like the stakes and the view from below the surface.

Demo Basics

Get a feel for the gameplay, wagers, and mechanics of Razor Shark through the demo including: the wager menu, the arrow indicator, auto-play, and the five reels and 20 fixed paylines in the demo, before you place any wagers. Make sure to experiment with auto-play. The settings are easy to work with and saves you the hassle of initiating every spin when you play. What could you do with all the time that auto-play saves you? Whatever else you’re doing, you are also enjoying the Razor Shark demo too.

Demo Mode Gameplay

The demo also familiarizes you with the different symbols in the game. Typically one hopes to avoid Sea-Mines in the open ocean, but in Razor Shark, that’s exactly what you want to see. The Sea-Mines are this game’s Scatter symbol. Landing three of these will win you an extra turn and introduce you to the enigmatic Mystery Stacks. These Mystery Stacks have a few associated mechanics: nudges, reveals, and Razor reveals.

Scatter symbols do the same thing in the demo that they do in the full game. What you are looking for during the free spin rounds are things to nudge and reveal the Mystery Stacks on the 2nd and 4th rows. A Scatter Symbol in this phase leads to a nudge and reveal.

Creeping up the multiplier is the key to winning in Razor Shark. You won’t win much with the 1X default multiplier, so increasing that should be top priority. Mystery Stacks are nudged and revealed until there are no more left. When this happens, it signifies the end of the round.

Part of the variety of Razor Shark is the behavior of your 4 Mystery Stacks. Where they land is anyone’s guess, but when they do, you’re in for a treat. They can either give you a payout symbol or a Golden Shark when they are nudged and revealed. When you see the Golden Shark, you’ve triggered the Razor Reveal mechanic.

Razor Reveal’s Place in the Demo

The Razor Reveal spins the Mystery Stacks to unlock the biggest rewards. Bonus coins, bigger multipliers, and more Scatter symbols are all possibilities when you trigger this special mechanic.Take control of your wagers and explore the open ocean to find treasures that were thought to be long lost. Play Razor Shark for fun or make wagers and take your chances beneath the waves.

Play Razor Shark Today

When you play Push Gaming’s Razor Shark slot machine, you join the rich human tradition of being called to the sea. You are ready to brave the dangers and claim the riches that the ocean provides. Razor Shark is a five reel slot machine that has 20 fixed paylines. Playing Razor Shark is a fun and exciting swim with the sharks as you search for sunken treasure and big payouts!

Fine Tune Your Play and Strategy

Every wager that you play is informed by an arrow that alerts players to the wager menu that allows players heightened control over their experience. There’s a host of wager options in the menu to navigate, but once you do, all that is left to play. You place your wager and activate the reels. If you are not inclined to manually input the spin every time, simply use the auto-play feature. Auto-play allows you to control the wager settings and relieves you from duty so you can set and forget your play and wager settings to watch the adventure unfold.

Play to Win!

Razor Shark has fun game mechanics that lead to easily understood gameplay. The secret to winning big is finding the Scatter symbols. When you play Razor Shark, you are looking for a Sea-Mine symbol to indicate the Scatter symbol. Hitting three of these gives you free spins where you get to interact with Mystery Stacks, nudges, reveal, and Razor reveal mechanics.

Free spins that land more Scatter symbols lead to more free spins that nudge the Mystery Stacks over by a space. Interactions with the Mystery Stacks happen on the 4th and 2nd rows.

Gameplay in the free spin phase increases your multiplier from the 1X default value. The nudge and reveal mechanics interact with the Mystery Stacks during the round. Each reveal brings additional prizes and the round ends when all Mystery Stacks are revealed.

4 groups of Mystery stacks truly have minds of their own. They can land anywhere and when they are revealed, they provide one of two rewards. When nudged and revealed, Mystery Stacks can provide a payout symbol or the Golden Shark. The Razor Reveal mechanic is triggered when the Golden Shark is revealed.

Enigmatic Razor Reveal Round

Razor Reveal means that the Mystery Stacks spin. When they are done they provide the opportunity for big rewards. The Razor Reveal can bring additional Sea-Mines, bonus coins, or increases in your multiplier! Take control of your wagers and explore the open ocean to find treasures that were thought to be long lost. Play Razor Shark for fun or make wagers and take your chances beneath the waves.