Razor Shark: APK

What dictates which fish get eaten and which escape the jaws of predators in the ocean? With fish swimming in schools of hundreds, what separates the survivors from the food? The answer is mobility. Even if you aren’t the strongest swimmer you can go mobile under the ocean with the Razor Shark APK game from Push Gaming.

APK Wagers

The Razor Shark APK game brings the power, adventure, and winning from the desktop into your pocket. The mobile version has the same trademark five reels and twenty paylines of the desktop without having to be wired up and stationary. Win big on the go and don’t worry about sacrificing features. You still have access to all the same mechanics, like auto-play, without the encumberment of a desktop.

APK Gameplay

The Razor Shark APK game has the same Scatter symbols, Mystery Stacks, nudge and reveals, and Razor Reveals as the desktop version. That means getting three Sea-Mines still wins you a free turn and gives you your valued Mystery Stacks.

The Mystery Stacks haven’t gone anywhere in the APK of Razor Shark. You can still find them on the 2nd and 4th rows, and a Scatter symbol in this phase still means a nudge and reveal.

Multipliers are still the main focus of mobile Razor Shark players, and the default is still 1X. Nudging and revealing the Mystery Stacks are the only way to trigger the mechanics necessary to increase it, so be patient!

The big money in the Razor Shark APK game is found in the Razor Reveal phase. In order to get there you need to do a few things first though. You need to nudge and reveal your 4 Mystery Stacks. When you do, they can either reveal a payout or a Golden Shark. If you get that elusive Golden Shark, then you’ve triggered the Razor Reveal.

Razor Reveal Walkthrough

Spinning the Mystery Stacks is the only way to get to the best treasure. How do you do that? That’s exactly what the Razor Reveal does. Once triggered, the Mystery Stacks spin and offer big rewards such as: Scatter symbols, bonus coins, and bigger multipliers. Razor Shark APK gives players the opportunity to experience an adventure as they win. What could be better? Make sure to download the Razor Shark APK to enjoy the power of your favorite online slot game right in the palm of your hand.

Razor Shark Download

There is an endless supply of online games. There are no limits to the amount of data that these games need to work. With so many options it is only natural to feel confused or overwhelmed. There are so many questions that can arise from the sheer volume of possibilities. The most important one may be: “how do I know I’m not wasting my time or data?” Well, you won’t be if you download Push Gaming’s Razor Shark slot machine.

Bets and Spins: Download the Chance to Win

One press of the button prompts your machine to download an adventure-based slot machine where you can win real money. The download is a quick and hassle free way to gain instant access to the five reel, twenty payline slot machine that has you explore the depths of the ocean and win real treasures.

Download Quality Gameplay

What do you get with the download? You get a varied, easily understood, fun, and exciting slot machine to play. All you have to do is access the menu indicated by an arrow at the bottom of the screen to place your wager.

The menu is just as easy as the download! A quick browse of it will show you how to place bets and spin. Once you spin you get the chance to win, and win big! Scatter symbols are indicated by Sea-Mines in the Razor Shark download. Getting three of them gives you a free spin and access to the Mystery Stacks.

Mystery Stacks are part of your adventure to win in Razor Shark. They always appear on the 2nd and 4th row, so no need to go looking for them. As you spin with your Mystery Stacks in view, another Scatter symbol means that one will be Nudged and Revealed.

Your multiplier begins at 1X, but that by no means indicates that it will stay there. When you reveal your Mystery Stacks with the Scatter symbols you are well on your way to increasing that. This game is one that definitely lends itself to those of a stronger will. It lends itself to the patient player.

Mystery Stacks conceal one of two rewards. The first, and most common, is the payout symbol. This is a basic reward that puts gold in your pocket, but the true prize is the Golden Shark. When you get the Golden Shark symbol, you trigger the Razor Reveal!

The Mysterious Razor Reveal

The Razor Reveal dramatically spins all of your visible Mystery Stacks, revealing some awesome rewards. These rewards are the secret for big wins in Razor Shark. You can win extra coins, increased multipliers, and bonus Scatter symbols. There really is no end to the bounty of the sea when you download Razor Shark. There’s more than blood in the waters. Go seek it out, but only if you’re daring enough!